My name is Žiga Pirih. I'm a 26 year old student at the Faculty of Computer Science in Ljubljana, who is most familiar with Bash, Java and C#, but is also no stranger to HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After that, I also have a basic understanding of C and am aware that PHP is a thing that exists. Out of the ‘non-programming languages,’ I speak both English and Slovenian.

I spend my free time writing scripts that make my life on Linux a bit easier. I've lately started to work on a simple C#/Unity game as well. I've made some of those scripts public on my Github profile. Game projects which I was part of are available here.

When I'm not writing code, I can sometimes be found making a webcomic or taking photos. I also like to play games (both video and tabletop games). I used to draw as well, but my inspiration for that took a short vacation.